Meet Our Staff

Temicia Rhymer

Temicia is Director of Mt. Pleasant Child Development Center. She has worked with the program for 23 years. As Director, Temicia is able to contribute to the children's lives in a positive way. She shares Christ with the children in ways that impacts their personalities and principles for adult life. 

Lisa Thomason

Lisa is a lead teacher with the Faithful Friends Class. She loves to play piano and to have the children sing and dance to  music.  She also enjoys guiding the children in art activities. The main reason Lisa came to Mt. Pleasant Child Development Center is to teach the children about God in their world. "God's Time," lessons on monthly Bible verses and songs, are a favorite part of her day.

Brook Autwell

Brook shares a dual role as the office assistant and lead teacher with the Bee-Lievers classroom. She has been with Mt. Pleasant Child Development for 23 years. After all these years, what stands out the most for her is the children, their smiles, and their love. She enjoys teaching the children about Jesus.

Zuradia Riser

Zuradia is a group leader in the Disciples  classroom. She enjoys spreading the love of God to the children. One special highlight for her is hearing the children talk about God and share their experiences with her.

Alyssa Bizzell

Alyssa is a preschool assistant . She enjoys learning all the children's personalities and adjusting to them. Because the children make her day better, she wants to do the same for them, especially through play.

Kyra Rhymer

Kyra is a group leader in the Prayer Warriors classroom. For her, everyday is different with each day being filled with big personalities and different adventures.

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